We are currently taking applications for the following positions for the 2018 – 2019 Academic Year…

Academic Positions  
1. Middle/High School Math Teacher
2. Middle/High School English Teacher (Native English Speaker)
3. Elementary Teacher (Native English Speaker)
4. Kindergarten Teacher (Native English Speaker)
5. Values/Pathfinder Teacher
6. Music Teacher
7. Art Teacher
8. Computer Teacher
9. WASC Coordinator/Student Activities
Applicants should hold a degree in education or a field related to their proposed teaching subject
matter and teaching experience in a related field. For non-native English speakers, applicants
must have achieved at least a Toeic score of 800.

HR personnel
– Female/Male
– Handles teachers’ Visa/Work Permit/Teaching License/Teaching Permit
– Handles school correspondence
– Handles students/teachers’ insurances
– Handles teachers/staff attendance
– Announcement for hiring new teachers/staf
– Salary ฿20,000.-/ month
– Working hours 0700-1600 p.m. Monday-Friday, except Saturday/Sundays/Public

Trinity International School offers compensation based on experience, qualifications and is
offered on a 12-month basis.
Interested applicants should contact Khun Boonsri Im-Arrom at boonsri@trinity.ac.th, HR