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Expected School-wide Learning Outcomes (ESLO)

Effective learners who:

  •       Maintain good study skills and habits
  •        Gain, analyze, assess, and integrate information from a variety of sources
  •        Are knowledgeable about significant historical/current events, people, and ideas
  •       Can transfer academic skills to life skills
  •        Exhibit critical thinking skills and independent thought

Effective communicators who:

  •       Write and speak clearly, effectively, and appropriately in English
  •       Read and listen with comprehension
  •        Understand how to use technology appropriately for multiple purposes
  •       Express their creative instincts

Responsible individuals who:

  •       Are familiar with SDA beliefs and principles
  •        Exercise self discipline, take responsibility for their own actions, and honor commitments
  •       Demonstrate high moral and ethical standards
  •       Lead a healthy lifestyle
  •        Practice academic integrity

Responsible community members who:

  •        Treat everyone with respect
  •        Use good manners
  •        Appreciate cultural diversity
  •       Value and demonstrate teamwork
  •        Are conscientious local and global citizens
  •       Contribute to improve the community
  •       Respect and protect the environment