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Model United Nations Conference – Singapore

Model United Nations Conference – Singapore

Singapore 21st to 25th January, 2016

Model United Nations Conference
Hosted by Yale – N.U.S. College, Singapore

I left the school campus on the 21st with Nuam, Perry and Alex after about a month of preparation for our first ever Model UN delegation to represent TRIS. We had been assigned to represent Norway and were covering the major topics for each of our delegates as below:

a. Perry Mueller – World Health Organisation Committee (WHO)
i. Universal adoption for immunization
ii. Regulation of Genetic Testing

b. Pongpol Sutaputra – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)
i. The Maritime Refugee Crisis
ii. Child Brides

c. Alex Choi – Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECOL)
i. War on Narcotics
ii. Rights of the indigenous people

Our delegates, on their maiden venture, were facing the largest M-UN conference in Asia at more than 900 delegates, so they were naturally nervous. They did very well though to recover by day two and were pretty much on song on Day 3. Our delegates made a number of speeches and spoke to their respective committees and were lobbying hard like diplomats to ensure their voice was heard in the final resolution, drafts and motions presented.

It was an absolute honour to lead these three young men and I hope this learning journey of their’s and sharing their experience of the same at TRIS will lead to many more successful participations for TRIS students to learn what real life experiences and cutting edge debates entail.

Shobhit Pathak